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Space-Saving Elegance: Wall Mounted Toilet with Bidet Features

In the world of contemporary bathroom design, the wall mounted toilet with bidet is a standout for its space-saving appeal and functional elegance. Horow, a name synonymous with innovation and quality, offers a range of products that embody this philosophy, including the highly recommended Horow G10 toilet.

The Aesthetic of Wall Mounted Design

A wall mounted toilet with bidet, such as the Horow G10, brings a sleek and minimalist look to any bathroom. Hanging off the wall, it creates an illusion of added space, making it an ideal choice for smaller bathrooms or those seeking a modern aesthetic.

The Functionality of Bidet Integration

The integration of a bidet into the toilet design offers a hygienic alternative to traditional toilet paper. The Horow G10 toilet features a bidet function that provides a gentle and effective cleanse, enhancing personal hygiene and user comfort.

Space Optimization with Wall Mounting

One of the key benefits of a wall mounted toilet with bidet is the space optimization it offers. Without the need for a traditional tank and with a footprint that doesn’t encroach on the bathroom floor, the Horow G10 allows for more freedom in bathroom layout and design.

Easy Maintenance and Cleaning

The wall mounted design of the Horow G10 toilet with bidet also simplifies cleaning and maintenance. With no hard-to-reach areas under the toilet, it becomes easier to keep the bathroom spotless and well-maintained.

The Horow G10: A Toilet for the Modern Home

The Horow G10 is not just a wall mounted toilet with bidet; it’s a statement of modern living. Its innovative design, coupled with the practicality of a bidet, makes it a perfect fit for homeowners looking to combine style with functionality.


The wall mounted toilet with bidet, exemplified by the Horow G10, represents the future of bathroom design. It offers a blend of space-saving design, hygiene, and modern aesthetics that appeals to the contemporary homeowner. Make the switch to a Horow G10 toilet and experience the elegance and practicality of wall-mounted, bidet-equipped toilet technology.

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