5 Standout features of NetSuite OpenAir in comparison to Core BQE

Today’s businesses require reliable technology to meet their unique needs. Many popular cloud-based project management tools are available. Buyers need to compare them to be able to make an informed decision. NetSuite, a leader in cloud computing solutions, has thousands of customers all over the globe. It has been around since decades. BQE Core, an established engineer, tracks billings, hours, and projects in one place. This article will compare NetSuite OpenAir and Core to help readers choose which one is best for them.

NetSuite OpenAir

Netsuite OpenAir offers multiple services to various industries, including retail, marketing, healthcare, energy and education. You can customize it to meet the needs of your team.


NetSuite OpenAir, an ERP solution, is designed to help users manage their financial, supply chain, accounting, inventory, and business operations. The platform combines all modules into one platform, which can be used to create plans, budgets, analyze progress and make forecasts. It’s also much easier to manage currencies, comply with tax rules, and report results from various locations and geographical subsidiaries.


The key function of NetSuite OpenAir and Core BQE accounting is one thing that is similar. It’s easier to manage the entire process from the same window that you use for managing projects. OpenAir makes it easy to maintain a complete ledger. This eliminates the need to manually enter details. OpenAir allows users to keep a complete account. The categories can be customized according the account type and reporting segments. Users can manage their local and international taxes through the same platform. They can optimize payment methods and add additional details to the form.


NetSuite OpenAir provides a comprehensive view of customers, vendors, partners, customers and other prospects. Software automates the marketing process and allows users to target, build, and execute campaigns easily. The software makes it easy to save time, and you can set up the price or quote settings according to your needs when creating prices.

HR Management

NetSuite makes it easy to manage payroll and other Human Resource processes. It updates accounts in real time. NetSuite’s HR feature allows for easy management of all information, including employee goals and performance overview.


NetSuite OpenAir is different from Core BQE in that OpenAir allows users the ability to input data offline. They can also add important details to their projects and arrange them according to the category. You can also track projects according to their phases and tasks. NetSuite offers many features to support manufacturing industries, such as shop floor management and product pricing.


Core BQE includes many important features that will help you manage your projects, handle accounting and maximize any business’ potential.


Cloud feeds and invoices make accounting more efficient and precise. Core BQE makes it easier to reduce the time required for each form. Core BQE makes it easy to create invoices and can process billing tasks in a matter of minutes. Cloud feeds can be used to link all transactions to the bank account and credit card provider. You can also download a copy to eliminate any errors and reduce the chance of them happening again.

Software Integration

Core BQE also provides access to APIs so that project managers have maximum options. You can create your own integration. The software allows for synchronization with Google One Drive, Box, and Google. It also helps teams pay through ClientPay and LawPay. Core has a partnership with QuickBooks that allows them to work seamlessly together. Automation options reduce repetitive tasks.

HR Management

BQE Core offers many features that make HR management easy for employees. The HR module is designed to automate tasks, calculate overtime, tally time-off balances, track employee milestones and view salary history. This software can be used to reduce the time spent on paperwork and save time for a typical company.

Time Tracking

It is important to talk about the time tracking capabilities of NetSuite OpenAir and BQE Core when discussing NetSuite OpenAir. Core offers different methods to track time spent on projects, while BQE consolidates all data into one timesheet. You can view custom data ranges and ensure that you are following the path that will help you complete the task within the deadline. It records time and calculates time off for all projects. BQE can be used to manage every aspect of work and ensure that it contributes to the final product.


Users can create a customized dashboard to ensure they have easy access to all their important tasks. To foster accountability, dashboards can be shared. Users have instant access to all the information, which allows them to prevent any potential losses in business. The dashboard has a widget that calculates income statements, profit and loss, as well as other factors, so users can compare these figures with previous years or other projects.


The NetSuite OpenAir pricing starts at $399 per monthly with an additional $49 for each user per month. It is the most affordable plan, starting at $7.95 per month for Core BQE.

Final Words

It is clear that both NetSuite OpenAir and Core BQE offer a variety of features for project management. They can be used to assist in the accounting process as well as provide many software integration options. OpenAir is simpler to customize, but both platforms can be used to modify how budgeting and invoicing are done.

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