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Conprofe Ultrasonic’s 5-Axis Mill: Revolutionizing Precision Machining

In the realm of precision machining, Conprofe Ultrasonic‘s SPV400-5 axis mill stands out as a game-changer. Designed to tackle the most challenging materials, from hard-brittle substances like ceramics and sapphire to carbon-fiber composites and superalloys, this cutting-edge machine combines advanced technology with exceptional performance.

Unparalleled Precision

At the core of the SPV400-5AXIS mill lies an independently-developed Ultrasonic Spindle by Conprofe. This innovative feature enables precise machining of hard-to-cut materials, ensuring exceptional accuracy and surface finish. With positioning accuracy of 0.007 mm and repeatability of 0.004 mm, the mill guarantees meticulous results, even with the most challenging workpieces.

Versatile Machining Capabilities

The SPV400-5AXIS mill boasts a bridge gantry structure with a tilting 5-axis system. This design offers unparalleled flexibility and adaptability, allowing for complex machining operations and the creation of intricate geometries. Whether you’re working with ceramic, glass, silicon carbide, or titanium alloys, this mill has the capability to handle it all.

Enhanced Stability and Rigidity

To ensure optimal performance, Conprofe has incorporated a low gravity center and a short overhang in the bridge gantry structure. This design feature, coupled with super-strong rigidity, minimizes vibrations and thermal strains during machining, resulting in superior surface finish and extended tool life.

Cooling Systems for Clean Machining

The SPV400-5AXIS mill offers optional cooling systems to meet different machining requirements. The Supercritical CO₂ or Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) cooling systems enable clean and efficient machining, minimizing heat generation and reducing the risk of thermal damage to the workpiece. These systems contribute to the mill’s ability to handle delicate and heat-sensitive materials.


The Conprofe Ultrasonic SPV400-5AXIS mill represents a significant leap forward in precision machining technology. Its ability to handle hard-brittle materials, carbon-fiber composites, superalloys, and other hard-to-cut substances with exceptional precision and efficiency sets it apart from conventional milling machines. With its advanced features, including the Ultrasonic Spindle, versatile 5-axis capability, and intelligent CNC system, this mill is a reliable choice for industries demanding the utmost precision in their manufacturing processes.

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