How do you combat diet culture?

Although diet culture has been misguiding people for centuries, it is now more prevalent thanks to social media and the focus on looks.

Diet culture’s central focus is on looking thin. This involves promoting a specific body type that is thin, without considering health, race, and other factors.

Diet culture encourages healthy eating. This is a combination of low-calorie diets and a lot of pulverized vegetables. Diet culture emphasizes fast, efficient weight loss.

The diet culture promotes an unhealthy lifestyle. Ironic! -with a focus on weight loss, quickly. It doesn’t care about your health and wellness. This is why many people who follow the diet culture path end up with health issues that require a visit at the Fauji Foundation Hospital.

How can we fight the culture?

We are all under the influence diet culture. We praise thin bodies and worry about our fat.

These mindsets not only harm us, but can also negatively impact the quality of others’ lives. People who are obese or plus-sized are treated as abnormal and discriminated against.

It is important to actively combat the diet culture. Here are some helpful tips:

Reject it

It is difficult to let go of certain ideas that have been wired into your brain. However, you can actively work to change them. Your mind will eventually change its thinking over time.

You must reject diet culture and do so strongly. It is not worth following people who promote it. It is not healthy. Encourage lifestyles that are contrary to this culture.

Relationship with food

It is time to change how you view food. Instead of thinking about calories, think about how food will nourish your body. It is best to think about it in terms nutrients. It is important to eat food that will nourish your body and not just to satisfy calorie requirements.

Watch your language

Language has also been influenced by diet culture. This is why we praise people who lose weight.

Therefore, reform your language. Consider health and well-being, both mental and physical.


Contrary to the focus on weight when exercising or eating in diet culture, consider the effects of healthy diet and exercise on your body. These habits will help you love yourself, not to get a bikini body. It can be used as self-care.

Moderate social Media

Social media is full of garbage, which can hinder our efforts to fight diet culture. Therefore, do a social media detox. You should unfollow people who place health and looks above all else.

Get to know your body

Your health is not only determined by your weight, but also your shape. Don’t believe the myth that being curvy means you are unhealthy. You can also use other methods to assess your health.

Obesity puts your health at risk. Therefore, don’t think that being overweight is okay just because you disagree with diet culture. Obese people are more likely to develop chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and sleep apnea.

Therefore, it is important to take steps to lose weight for your health and not to conform to certain beauty standards.

Be careful not to fall for fad diets when trying to lose weight. For healthy and sustainable dietary habits, consult a Dietitian Islamabad to be physically active.

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