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How To Reduce Website Spam Score

If you own a website and want to lower the spam score, this article can help. This article will discuss the website spam score issue. It will also explain how to reduce it.

If you’re working hard on your blog or site and your spam score keeps rising, then everyone wants to lower your website spam score. Don’t worry, I’ll show you how to lower spam score.

Follow my steps to reduce website spam score. First, let’s talk about the Spam Score. What is the website spam score?

What’s the Website spam score?

MOZ released the spam score in 2015 as a rating system for websites. Spam can lead to serious problems for a site. It can affect the website’s position in search results and the trust of search engines.

Spam score also depends on whether the backlinks are do-follow links or not. Your site’s spam score will increase if the spam score is high on external sites from which you have backlinks.

The Spam score is a form of cancer for website optimization. This is something that most people overlook and have a lot of spam on their site.

MOZ states that the spam score range is between 1% and 100%. This percentage shows how spam score levels are calculated.

Low: 1-30%

Medium: 31 to 60%

61-100% consider High

You are safe if your site’s spam score is below 30%. However, you must reduce it. You can also see that your site is in between 31-60% and medium conditions. If you’re in between 61-100%, it’s very dangerous and potentially dangerous.

I trust you have now understood spam scores. Now it is time to talk about spam scores and the problems they create.

Site Spam Scores Increase

External websites play an important role in increasing spam scores. These external sites have a high spam score and backlinks to them. MOZ reported that they used 27 signals to calculate spam score.

A low number can increase your spam score.

TLD is correlated with spamdomains: these domains (e.g. information, cc and pl are used by many spam domains.

Domain name length The root and subdomains are similar to spam sites.

A domain name that contains numerals is There are high chances of spam websites if domains contain numerals.

Google Font API Present: Most spam sites don’t use proper API like Google font API.

Google Tag Manager: spam sites don’t use Google Tag manager in most cases.

Doubleclick Present The Doubleclick advertisement tag is rarely found on spam websites.

Phone Number: a phone number can be used to create a spam website.

Links from LinkedIn: Most non-spam websites have a page linking to linkedIn.

Email Address: Email addresses don’t usually get added to spam sites.

Defaults To HTTPS: Most spam sites don’t buy SSL certificates.

Use Meta Keywords: pages that use meta keywords are more likely to be spammed.

Jumpshot Visit Ranking: are often spammy sites with low traffic.

Rel Canonical Spam is often linked to using a non-local rel=canonical.

Title Element Length: pages with too long or too short titles can be considered spam.

Length of Meta Description Pages with a long or too short meta description may be considered spam.

Meta Keywords Length: Sites that used long meta keywords are often found on spam websites.

Browser Icon Spam websites rarely use a browser icon, while non-spam sites do.

Facebook Pixel spam websites have never used Facebook pixels

External Outlinks: Spam sites use a lot of external links.

Number Of Domains Linked to: Spam sites use a lot of unique domains, which are often very high or low.

The ratio between External Links and Content: Spam websites can have higher ratios of external links to content.

Vowels/Consonants In Domain Name: Spam websites often used many consecutive vowels within their domain names.

Hyphens for Domain Name: spam websites are frequently used Hyphens for Domain name.

URL Length Spam pages often have unusually long or short URL paths.

The Presence of Poison Words – Spam sites use specific words frequently that relate to webspam topics such as treatments, gambling, and other.

Uses High-CPC Anchor Text: Spam websites often use specific words in their anchor text that relate to web spam topics such as medicines, gambling, and other.

Visit the MOZ official website for more information on the signal used to calculate spam score.

Simply put, spam scores increase because of external spam backlinks. Are you wondering how to stop such actions? These steps will help you control your actions.

Do not create spam backlinks

When doing SEO, be careful

Do not share links from spammy sites

Spam backlinks should be removed as soon as possible

If you are interested in SEO, be cautious about creating backlinks to spam websites. This could lead to your website getting banned and your spam score increasing.

MOZ also states that they update site spam scores monthly and are always looking for ways to improve.

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How does a spam score impact site ?

Your website’s Spam score may have increased. What does this mean for your site? According to the site, you will face many problems.

Website DA and PA to be decreased

Google reduces organic traffic

Website trustworthiness has an impact

Google penalizes websites

Be included in the spammy websites list

How do you check your spam score?

This section will discuss how to check your spam score. It is easy to check the website spam score. All you have to do is add an MOZ extension and you will be able see the spam score for any site.

How to add the MOZ extension

Go into chrome setting

Option for open extensions

Search for MOZ extension

Add it

Open MOZ extension

Register for an account

One-month free limit

These are the steps to add a MOZ extension. MOZ is only available for one month. You can also purchase the pro version, which has many more features.

How can you reduce spam score?

It is possible to reduce your website spam score in just 15 days. Follow these steps:

Open MOZ extension

Click here to see the spam score

Make a text file listing all backlinks that are bad.

Submit text file to Disavow Google tool

This will allow you to remove spam links from your website and reduce your website’s spam score. However, free users cannot remove 50 URLs. The MOZ extension only allows 50 URLs.

Free and paid tool to reduce spam score

We will also discuss the free and paid tools that can be used to reduce website spam scores. First, let’s talk about the free tools.

Free Tool:

In the previous section, I discussed the first tool that can be used to remove spam bad links. We will also discuss this topic. You can remove spam links using two methods, which are listed below.

By MOZ extension

By Ahrefs Tool

MOZ Extension Tool: First, open the MOZ extension. Click on spam score. Next, check for spam backlinks. Save each link in notepad.

Once you have done that, you will need to submit the text file to Disavow Google. However, MOZ only allows 50 URLs per user.

Ahrefs second method to remove bad backlinks from website spam. All you need is Ahrefs to check backlinks. Ahrefs will display all backlinks on your site.

Next, you will need to open each link one-by-one and examine the spam score using the MOZ extension. If the score exceeds 10%, you may need to remove it. Copy the link, save it in a text file, and then submit the text file to the Disavow Google Tool.

This will allow you to remove any bad backlinks from your site. However, Aherf only shows limited backlinks which means that you can only remove certain bad backlinks.

Paid tool:

You can also use MOZ pro, which allows unlimited bad hyperlinks. This is how to use the paid tool

Go into MOZ pro

Enter URL

Show list of all the bad links

It is necessary to save the file as a text file

For the removal of links, submit in Disavow

This is a good way to get rid of all the bad backlinks on your site. After a few days, you’ll see that all backlinks have been removed and your website spam score has decreased.

You can also ask questions about the topic through the comment box. Also, please give your best suggestions for reducing spam score.

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