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Illuminating Precision: Maker-ray Technology’s Pioneering Optical Inspection Solutions

Maker-ray Technology, located in Science City, Guangzhou, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the design, development, and sale of intelligent optical inspection products. With a focus on artificial intelligence, optical inspection, and big data, such as  AOI machine. Maker-ray has established itself as a leading provider of advanced solutions in the industry. Their dedication to technological innovation and customer-center approaches has propelled them to the forefront of intelligent optical inspection.

Core Competencies and Achievements:

Driven by a passion for technological advancement, Maker-ray has developed unique core key technologies, including deep learning algorithms, which form the foundation of their intelligent optical inspection products. These technologies have been successfully applied to their equipment, addressing the long programming time and high false positive rate issues commonly associated with traditional algorithms.

The company has also secured multiple core patented technologies with independent intellectual property rights, highlighting their commitment to innovation and their dedication to creating cutting-edge solutions.

Customer Base and Support:

Maker-ray’s optical inspection solutions have been widely adopted by a diverse customer base spanning industries such as communications, security boards, automotive electronics, and more. Notable clients include Flex, Wistron, Hisense, Gree, BYD, and Panasonic.

To ensure customer satisfaction, Maker-ray has established service centers across the globe, creating a comprehensive and mature after-sales support system. Their dedication to customer training and support further strengthens their position as a trusted partner in the industry.


Maker-ray remains committed to innovation and aims to empower industrial inspection with their advanced technologies. They strive to provide enterprises with optical inspection solutions that offer enhanced core competitiveness, facilitating the transformation of traditional factories into automated and information-based smart factories.

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