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Introducing Nebular Lux – Hanshow’s Solar-Powered Revolution

In the realm of electronic shelf labels (ESL), Hanshow introduces Nebular Lux, a solar-powered revolution that takes the Nebular product line to dazzling new heights. Building on the success of Hanshow Nebular, Nebular Lux combines all the functionalities of its predecessor with an eco-friendly twist, making it a beacon of sustainability in the retail world.

The Solar-Powered Marvel:

Nebular Lux features a small battery constantly recharged by both natural and fluorescent light through its photovoltaic cell. This innovation not only extends the ESL’s life and usage but also signifies a step towards reducing battery waste in IoT devices. Unlike traditional paper labels, Nebular Lux’s one-sided LCD screen provides an efficient and visually stunning labeling solution.

Nebular Lux Benefits

Reduced Power Consumption: Harnessing the power of solar energy, Nebular Lux further reduces power consumption, contributing to an extended ESL lifespan.

Battery Waste Reduction: The integration of solar power signals a reduction in battery waste, aligning with Hanshow’s commitment to sustainable technology.

Efficient Labeling Solution: Nebular Lux’s one-sided LCD screen ensures an efficient and accurate labeling solution, setting a new standard in ESL technology.

System Upgrades and Compatibility:

All models of Nebular ESL, including Nebular Lux, support Over the Air (OTA) firmware upgrades, ensuring seamless updates as technology advances. Designed for compatibility with other digitalization systems, Nebular Lux serves as a building block for holistic digitalization. Feel free to visit to learn more about – Gramhir


With Nebular Lux, Hanshow not only pioneers solar-powered ESL technology but also reaffirms its dedication to sustainable and innovative solutions. As retailers embrace the future of digitalization, Nebular Lux shines as a symbol of progress, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

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