Introducing the Most Detailed Football Over and Under at  New88 Sports

Football betting is a betting hall not to be missed when coming to New88. In particular, football over/under is always at the forefront of bettors’ choices. Players will experience many attractive and new bets. Join the article to learn more about over/under betting in soccer right below.
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What is football over/under?

Football over/under is a form of soccer betting that is very familiar to many bettors. Based on the results given by the house, players will evaluate and speculate whether the actual result is higher or lower. From there, a decision will be made whether to bet on the over or under bet. If winning, the player se. receive the bonus amount at the rate given at the beginning of the match. On the contrary, if you lose, you will completely lose the money you previously placed.

Over means you predict the actual score to be higher than the score given by the house. The under bet is when the player speculates that the actual score will be lower than the house’s prediction. To be able to make accurate decisions in soccer over/under, you need to rely on many different factors. In particular, special attention must be paid to the situation of the match, the coach, the lineup, etc.

Currently, there are many ways to play soccer. In particular, some ways of playing bring high efficiency such as: folding, predicting,… Besides, you also need to combine more understanding and experience in football. If you know how to use it properly, you will definitely become a master when participating in betting.

Over/under bets in soccer are popular

Football over/under has many attractive bets for everyone to choose from. Depending on each bet, players will rely on different factors to make decisions when placing bets. Below are 3 popular bets that are most favored by many bettors when playing betting.

Over/under goals

This is a bet that can be used in all big and small matches. The bookmaker will predict the possible score in the match. From there, players will bet on football over/under based on their judgment. This is a form of betting that anyone can play and is easy to understand for all bettors, especially new players.

To play this bet, everyone needs to carefully study the information of each team. Players need to know which team has better performance, good tactics and performance. Besides, learn about the competition history to be able to make the most accurate betting decisions when playing soccer over/under.

Over/under corner kick

Corner kicks are a situation that occurs frequently in soccer matches. This is also the football over/under bet that bettors choose to bet on. Players will predict the number of times a corner kick may occur throughout the match.

Over/under corner kicks depend on many different factors. In particular, everyone needs to pay a lot of attention to how the referee handles the situation and the playing style of the players. You need to learn these things through previous matches. This is the basis to help you increase your winning rate when dealing with football fortunes.

Over/Under penalty card

In football, penalty cards will be divided into two different types: yellow cards and red cards. Over/under soccer penalty cards are also divided into two categories. Besides, you can also bet on the total number of penalty cards that can be given for the total playing time.

Penalty card odds also depend a lot on luck. Players will not be able to predict what situations may occur in the match. People can only refer to the personality and playing style of the players and referees. From there, you can make predictions and decide whether to choose over or under when betting.

How to read football over/under odds in detail

The most basic thing when playing over/under soccer is knowing how to read the odds. You must know what bet you are participating in and how to win. Below is the most basic way to read odds that all players need to understand.

Football over/under 3/4

Football Over/Under 3/4 is also known to many players as the 1.5 – 2 bet or the 1.75 bet. If the total score of the whole match is 3 or more, the person who bets on Over will win. In case the score is two, the Over will receive half of the total prize money.

If the player chooses the under to win, the total goals scored by both teams must be 0 or 1. If the goal is 2, you will have to lose half of the amount you bet previously. For this soccer over/under bet, you need to determine which team is likely to play better and win more easily. In addition, you must know the scoring performance of each team through each different match.

Football over/under 2 balls

2-ball soccer over/under is a fairly popular form of betting and is chosen by many people, especially newcomers. If you choose the over bet, to win, the two teams must have a total number of goals scored greater than 2. On the contrary, if the under bet has a chance to win, the total number of goals scored must be less than 2 at the end of the match.
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If the score is 2 after the end of the match period then all players will tie the money. The previous bet amount will be sent directly to the game account by the house. Players need to determine which team has the greater advantage or can score more goals. From there, decide whether the over or under bet will bring you victory when placing money there.

Football over/under 2 1/4

On the odds table, football over/under 2 1/4 will be displayed as a bet of 2.25 or 2 – 2.5. If you choose Over, then the number of goals scored for the whole match by both teams is 3 or more to win the bet. For the under, the two teams that score less than 2 will receive a bonus from the house.

The special thing about this soccer over/under bet is that if the score is 2, then whether you bet on over or under, you will lose half of your bet. This is a quite dangerous bet and it is very easy for participants to lose their bets. Therefore, for all players to be safer, they can carefully learn information about the two teams. In addition, you should also bet a reasonable amount of money so that you can recover if you lose in the previous game.

Other football over/under bets

In addition to the above football over/under bets, there are many other bets for everyone to participate in. In particular, the 3-ball bet always receives a large number of plays, especially those who are just learning about soccer betting for the first time. Players rely on the information of the two teams to speculate that the possible score may be smaller or larger than 3. From there, they will decide to bet on over or under depending on your opinion.

For 3-out bets, you should bet on matches where both teams have the ability to play well and equally. Or the two teams have a difference in level. In the above two cases, if you choose Over, your chances of winning will certainly be much higher. This is the experience of playing soccer over/under that is applied by many players and brings very good results.

Is playing Sic Bo allowed by law?

In fact, soccer betting is still not recognized by Vietnamese law. However, depending on the location where you bet, whether it is considered legal or not. Because currently, there are recognized soccer over/under betting addresses that allow players to bet comfortably.

If you participate in soccer over/under at number recording agents or unclear betting locations, it will definitely violate the law. Because these places are not recognized and licensed by organizations or authorities. All activities at these locations are underground and are not monitored by any agency. If you bet here, players will not be rewarded and the results will not be transparent and clear.

For addresses licensed to operate legally by organizations and the state, they are definitely legal. All activities take place under strict supervision and ensure credibility. All published results are public, transparent and clear. There will certainly be no fake odds, bonuses not paid, etc. Your betting activities are protected by the state so you can have complete peace of mind.

Play soccer over/under safely at  New88

Currently, there are many addresses where you can participate in soccer over/under. However, bookmaker  New88 is always the top choice of bettors. Because this is a reputable and licensed betting address. Besides, the number of members participating and registering as members is enough to show you the players’ trust in the house.


Bookmaker  New88 is recognized as a suitable betting address by PAGCOR organization. Besides, it is also under the management and protection of the Philippine state. All activities take place under the supervision of competent authorities. Results are always announced most transparently and clearly. If any case of interference with the results is detected, the house will bear all responsibility. On the contrary, if the player violates, they will be handled according to the provisions in the terms and conditions.

This has helped players be more confident and secure when betting at  New88. If there are any legal issues, people can contact the staff. You will be supported by staff and guaranteed legality when playing soccer dribble at bookmaker  New88. As long as you are a member of the house, you will be guaranteed absolute safety.

Absolute safety

When registering an account to play soccer, you need to provide complete personal information. This information will be kept confidential by the most secure software. With 3-layer security, no application or hacker will be able to penetrate. You can have complete confidence in the security system of bookmaker  New88.

In addition, the playground also commits not to disclose player information to any other organization. Unless otherwise agreed and permitted by the member. The house commits to bear all responsibility before the law if the above situation occurs. This can confirm credibility and players can feel more secure when betting on soccer over/under at the house.

Many choices

New88 playground always brings everyone new games and betting halls. Therefore, the house continuously improves and updates the latest bets on the market. People can choose to bet with many different odds and forms of play. Each form will bring unique experiences and excitement to participating members.

In particular, the current soccer betting lobby has many attractive bets. Among them, we can mention: 2 1/4 soccer bets, corner kick over/under bets, penalty card bets, etc. Just learn how to play and you can participate easily. Besides, the house also offers many incentives with countless attractive gifts. Everyone just needs to visit and there will be gifts to take home. This is like a gift of gratitude and the house gives players capital to play.


Soccer betting is always the top favorite betting hall, especially soccer over/under. Players will definitely have the most interesting and wonderful experiences when coming to  New88. Besides, there are many gifts with many different attractive values ​​waiting for everyone. Please visit the website New88 for a unique betting experience right away.

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