Reasons to use facial sunscreen every day

Facial sunscreen is one of the must-have skin care products in your skin care routine. Sunscreen should be used every day and for all skin types, with it it is possible to protect the face from the action of UVA, UVB rays and visible light, present in electronic devices such as computers and cell phones.

The continuous use of sunscreen, in addition to preventing diseases such as skin cancer, delays the aging of the face, which makes the skin look firm. Thinking about the importance of sunscreen for your skin care routine, we separated 6 reasons for you to use facial sunscreen every day. Continue reading and check it out!

What is the ideal sunscreen for the face?

Choosing the ideal sunscreen for your face is essential to guarantee the daily use and protection of the product. The fluid facial sunscreen is suitable for all skin types, its light texture is easily absorbed by oily, dry and combination skin. Also, he doesn’t leave the skin off white or build up in the beard.

For dry skin, denser sunscreens are recommended to help protect and moisturize the face. While combination and oily skin should be protected with options with matte action, anti-oilness or dry touch, in this way it is possible to avoid the feeling of extreme shine when applying sunscreen to the face.

When choosing a sunscreen for the face, it is important to select those options enriched with dermatological actives. These are able to protect and treat the face, hyaluronic acid is indicated to hydrate the skin and ensure anti-aging treatment while salicylic acid is ideal for oily skin due to its anti-oil and anti-inflammatory action.

What is the best sunscreen factor?

The acronym SPF present in sunscreens refers to the sun protection factor, this number indicates the intensity of protection of each sunscreen on the skin. Without sun protection, the skin can be exposed for a period without becoming reddened and sensitive, when applying sunscreen the SPF will indicate how much longer the skin is protected from being exposed. For example, sunscreen with SPF 30 makes the skin take 30 times longer to turn red or sensitive.

What are the benefits of using sunscreen on your face?

The main function of sunscreen for the face is to protect the skin from the action of sunlight and visible light. These rays are harmful because they favor the development of skin cancer and cell aging, which can lead to premature aging.

Sunscreen for the face is efficient in creating a barrier against the development of skin spots, which can be caused and intensified by sun exposure, with continuous use it is possible to even out the tone and texture of the face. In addition, facial sunscreen is also efficient in moisturizing the face, intensifying the facial hydration step of the daily skincare routine.

For a protected, uniform, hydrated, nourished and healthy skin, the daily use of facial sunscreen is essential. Below, we highlight in more detail 6 reasons for you to use sunscreen for your face every day and ensure a healthy skin care routine.

1- Action against UVA and UVB rays

The main objective of daily use of sunscreen is to protect the skin against the action of the sun’s rays. The sun’s rays when they come into contact with the skin can cause, or intensify, marches, dry the skin, provide sagging, loss of luminosity, premature aging and, in more serious cases, skin cancer.

UVA and UVB rays affect the face even on cloudy days, so it’s important to always apply sunscreen regardless of the weather. The use of sunscreen creates a barrier on the skin that hinders the action of UV rays. But, for complete protection, it is necessary to reapply the sunscreen every 3 hours, in this way the protection factor of the product will always be exerting its maximum level and protecting the face.

2- Protection against visible light

In addition to protection against the action of UVA and UVB rays, sunscreen also protects the skin against the action of visible light. This is that light that we can see and that is associated with electronic devices, such as cell phones, computers and tablets.

This light is also aggressive for our skin and can boost premature aging, loss of luminosity and intensify existing spots. Therefore, it is important to use sunscreen even indoors, always remembering to reapply.

3- Preventing the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines

The action of the sun and visible light acts on the deeper layers of the skin, causing photoaging. This event is characterized by premature aging of the skin, especially those exposed to long periods of sun without sun protection. Photoaging causes the skin to become blemished, sagging and dull, which facilitates the appearance of the first lines of expression.

This factor can be avoided with sun protection, the daily use of sunscreen ensures a skin protected against the action of the sun’s rays. In this way, it is possible to create a barrier, which guarantees protected skin, so choose the facial protector that best suits your routine and create the habit of using it every day.

If you are worried about wrinkles and expression lines, you should also look forward using some tools like Face Sculpting, which promotes blood circulation and accelerate skin repair to improve skin elasticity

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