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Streamlining Construction Efficiency with GETO Aluminium Formwork

GETO, a leading provider of construction solutions, introduces their GETO aluminium formwork system. Combining the best materials and innovative design, GETO’s aluminium formwork offers unparalleled efficiency and reliability for various construction projects. With their cutting-edge system, businesses can experience accelerated timelines, cost reduction, and superior results.

The System

GETO aluminium formwork system comprises components such as flat-ties, hollow sections, aluminium formwork, and steel accessories. The integration of these elements ensures a robust and reliable solution for wall and column formwork. The system caters to two specific applications: formworks with embedded flat-ties and formworks with reusable flat-ties, providing flexibility and adaptability to different project requirements.

Materials for Wall and Column Formwork

GETO aluminium formwork utilizes high-quality materials that enhance its performance. For formworks with embedded flat-ties, the system includes embedded flat-ties, aluminium alloy wall panels with grooves, hookies, hollow sections, flat-tie raking shores, and pins, and wedges. For formworks with reusable flat-ties, the system incorporates reusable flat-ties, flat-tie sleeves, aluminium alloy wall panels with grooves, hookies, hollow sections, flat-tie raking shores, pins, and wedges. This comprehensive range of materials ensures durability, stability, and ease of use throughout the construction process.


GETO aluminium formwork is changing the construction industry by prioritizing efficiency, durability, and cost-effectiveness. With their comprehensive system and high-quality materials, businesses can achieve accelerated timelines, reduce labor costs, and deliver superior results. Whether it’s formworks with embedded flat-ties or reusable flat-ties, GETO aluminium formwork provides the flexibility to meet various project needs. Experience the possibilities of GETO aluminium formwork and witness the transformation of your business-to-business construction projects. Elevate productivity, streamline operations, and achieve success with the advanced aluminium formwork system from GETO.

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