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Transforming Home Entertainment with LEDMAN’s Video Wall for Home

LEDMAN, a renowned provider of LED display solutions, has introduced their ground-breaking video wall for home, the Household Micro LED UHD Display. This remarkable display, built on the foundation of COB Micro LED display technology, offers an unparalleled home entertainment experience with its immersive visuals and superior audio capabilities. It’s a good option for some families who need to build a home video wall.

The Advanced COB Micro LED Display Technology

The Household Micro LED UHD Display from LEDMAN is a testament to their commitment to innovation, featuring an independent patent and leveraging the advanced COB Micro LED display technology. This cutting-edge technology ensures the accurate restoration of true colors, resulting in breathtaking visuals that bring your favourite movies, shows, and games to life with exceptional clarity.

The Expansive Screen Size

With a supersize screen, the Household Micro LED UHD Display offers a greater “vision” that meets the high-end needs of discerning home theater enthusiasts. The expansive screen size creates a truly immersive private theatre experience, enveloping watchers in the world of entertainment like never before.

The Ultra-High Definition Capabilities

The ultra-high definition capabilities of the Household Micro LED UHD Display take visual excellence to new heights. With high contrast, a high refresh rate, and a wide color gamut, the display produces stunning imagery with remarkable depth and vibrancy.

Excellent Sound Experience

Complementing the extraordinary visuals, the Household Micro LED UHD Display features Hypersound technology for an exceptional audio experience. With built-in electronic frequency division stereo and a sound configuration of up to 4 channels and 6 speakers, the display delivers HiFi-level sound quality. Each audio detail is reproduced with precision, whether it’s the rumble of thunder or the softest whisper.


In conclusion, LEDMAN’s video wall for home, the Household Micro LED UHD Display, redefines home entertainment by offering an immersive and high-end private theater experience. With the features, this video wall sets a new standard for home theater enthusiasts.

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