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Unlock Freedom and Power with DEENO’s 200W Portable Solar Panel

In a world where sustainability and independence are increasingly valued, DEENO presents its impressive 200W Portable Solar Panel. Designed with a foldable and lightweight design, this solar panel offers a powerful yet portable solution for outdoor enthusiasts and those seeking off-grid power. With its high conversion rate, fast charging capability, and robust dual protection system, DEENO’s 200W portable solar panel is a game-changer in the green energy market.

Unleash the Power

Imagine having access to a highly efficient power source that can be fully charged in just 6 hours. DEENO’s 200W Portable Solar Panel delivers outstanding performance, capable of harnessing the sun’s energy to charge your power station rapidly. With an output power of up to 200W at the MC4 port, this impressive solar panel provides a substantial power supply to keep your devices running, no matter where your adventures take you.

Safety First

DEENO prioritizes your safety with the inclusion of a dual protection system in their 200W portable solar panel. This system provides protection effectively against short-circuits and over-current situations, keeping you and your devices safe during operation. With DEENO, you can be sure to have peace of mind knowing that your power solution is designed with your safety as a top priority.


DEENO’s 200W Portable Solar Panel merges power, reliability, and convenience seamlessly. With its fast charging capability, high conversion rate, and dual protection system, this solar panel sets a new standard in the green energy market. Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, an off-grid adventurer, or simply looking to reduce your carbon footprint, DEENO’s 200W portable solar panel empowers you with the freedom and power to embrace sustainable living. Invest in DEENO’s innovative solution and unlock a world of renewable energy possibilities.

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